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Sabtu, 03 April 2010

Special Bonus for PMBP ITB 2010 Centralized


Reader friendly, online tutoring USM FSRD ITB, The first and The best in the Internet-world www.master-seni.com. Again provides a special bonus for those of you who will face centered PMBP ITB 2010 Central, on May 29, 2010. Two major special bonuses are:

Minggu, 21 Maret 2010

Survivors Take The National Exam in 2010

Master Seni Team, congratulated the national examination in 2010, may be given the ease and smoothness during the examination.

Rabu, 17 Maret 2010

Announcement of The Results of ITB PMBP Region announcement of the results of 2010 ITB PMBP Region

My friend, responding to a question regarding when the result was announced graduation exam results or information USM FSRD ITB 2010 in the Region, with this we informed as we get on the official site here ITB http://usm.itb.ac.id/ that the announcement of the results exam will be announced through a letter of invitation and announcement on the official site here http://www.itb.ac.id/ ITB in mid-month April 2010.

Keep in mind, the Committee will not make calls or sms. Enter the number of participants PMBP Region 2010 ITB you to see the results of examinations or graduation announcements.

Minggu, 14 Maret 2010

www.master-seni.co.cc moved www.master-seni.com

Friends, we re-inform and to warn again that the domain name transferred www.master-seni.co.cc moved to www.master-seni.com. Blog remains the same only the name behind the address are changed .co.cc be .com.

Jumat, 12 Maret 2010

Welcome Struggling Students Master the Art Following USM FSRD ITB On March 13, 2010

We all Master Art Team, said good fight, for students and student art master, who followed FSRD USM ITB 2010 Date of 13 to 14 March 2010.

Domain www.masterseni.co.cc moved to duniaseni7.blogspot.com

Friends of the reader, in this article we notify-www.master Domain Name seni.co.cc, had moved to duniaseni7.blogspot.com. We apologize for the inconvenience. Over time, the Google search engine automatically indexes all posts seacara our articles into a new sub domain of duniaseni7.blogspot.com